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released April 26, 2015



all rights reserved


DENY RECORDS Skopje, Macedonia

Record label and promotion from Skopje,Macedonia
hardcore punk/punk-rock/screamo/emo etc.

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Track Name: One More Shot
Well I heard from your mother, heard you wrote her a letter
You been staying in New Orleans and you're doing so much better
You got more than one shot, it all fell apart so fast
There were times when, I admit, I thought you didn't stand a chance
I know you blamed it on yourself, you couldn't place what was wrong
You couldn't face certain problems, and you thought you were alone
There's a future in this world for you, beyond the things you've done
You know people often pick themselves up after being so far gone
I remember you, how you used to come around
Playing your guitar with a cigarette in your mouth
Everyone you came in touch with would love you, man
You we're one of the most sincere people living in this town
Then you rode the high-line west, there was adventure up ahead
But you were running too from something I couldn't understand
You we're only 19, you got caught up in the scene
In a city full of heroin that's where so many roads lead
I found you there in the center of it all
Too afraid to say something, I chose to play the fool
We talked about protests, about politics and friends
And then I drove to Houston hoping I would see your face again
My friend you're so needed here, your laughter and your smile
Could save somebody's life if they could hold it for a while
You got so many friends, and we got nothing but love for you
If you can make it through this, there's so much you can do
Track Name: The Death of Carlo Giulliani
See him crouched down low in the truck
Three days of bloodshed, the anger had built up
See his gun braced on top of the seat
Pointed at the face of young Carlo Giuliani

And the world watched in vein at the pictures on the screen
At the beatings and the raids by the Carabinieri

You can see it all in photographs
At Piazza Alimonda, the crowd fighting back
See his arms raised above his head
The anger swirled around him, until that pop pierced the wind

And the world watched in vein as the bullet lefts its case
For its short flight into the face of Carlo Giuliani

His hands fell, the camera fell
The engine sparked, the tires and pressed his body down

10 long years have come and gone
And the spirit of Carlo Giuliani carries on
And there's a question that remains
Are we prepared to die for the things we want to change?
Track Name: Stuart Christie of Glasgow
Stuart Christie came from Glasgow
From the smoky miner's bars
Raised on stories of Red Clydeside
And the Spanish Civil War
Of those brave working-class Scots
Who bled and died in Spain
Their spirit was handed down
So that it might rise again
20 years after Hitler
At the start of Vietnam
20 years before the Miners' Strike
The struggle carried on
And the the stories of the tortured
And the executions came
To the miners' bars of Glasgow
From the jails of Franco Spain
Stuart Christie, the anarchist
He heard his comrades' cries
Those brave enough to fight
To keep the idea alive
Whose voices sounded clear
Through the iron, stone, and brick
The echoes of the fallen dreams
Of 1936
Young Stuart gave the word
To add his actions to the cause
With those hardened CNTistas
Who carried on the war
In the footsteps of Durutti
Ramón and Sabaté
He carefully packed his bag
And slipped into Franco Spain
Stuart Christie walked the stone streets
With the ghosts of El Raval
Through Gothic Barcelona,
Thinking back before the war
How many gave their lives here
In the name of liberty?
Who at the front and at the barricades
Fought proudly to be free?
But how many could possibly
Survive the fascist tanks?
That stormed across the continent
Pumped up by Wall Street banks
Or the bombs from the Nazis
That burst onto the scene
And from the hearts of the people
Struck the vision and the dream
Young Stuart came from Glasgow
To the heart of Madrid
Now a coded word nod
And the waiting would begin
A bomb for General Franco
Set to even out the score
For the 100,000 murdered
In the Spanish Civil War
But the trap was set, the pieces
In place to take the man
Who'd come down from Red Glasgow
To Madrid to lend his hand
Who'd offered up his body
As a weapon of the war
Like those brave working-class Scots
Who'd done the same before
Stuart Christie, the prisoner
He took his place inside
With the brave men and women
Who refused to compromise
Who resisted Franco openly
With weapons and with words
Who robbed the banks and set the bombs
And shot the cops and soldiers
It will take time and work
To undo what has been done
To the people of this planet
In the name of fascism
Will we too stand to face it
In the places where it counts?
To pluck its fruits and find its roots
And pull them from the ground
Stuart Christie came from Glasgow
From the smokey miner's bars
Raised on stories of Red Clydeside
And the Spanish Civil War
Of those brave working-class Scots
Who bled and died in Spain
Their spirit was handed down
So that it might rise again
Track Name: Soma Mine Disaster
Take a trip with me in 2014
To Western Turkey, in the mining country
Come the biggest disaster to strike underground
And the lies of the government come back around
Just as the tear gas had cleared from the air
And the cops had withdrawn out of Taksim Square
In the mine-shafts of Soma the working went on
And the miners dug deeper and deeper down
Turkish miners had marched just the previous year
Held underground sit-ins to make themselves clear
That safety conditions must change in the mines
For thousands and thousands of miners had died
Just as the bell tolled for the afternoon shift
A fire ignited and it spread through the shaft
One mile down in the crust of the earth
And 700 miners were down there at work
The miners were trapped with no hope for escape
As Carbon Monoxide spread out from the flames
The bosses kept quiet, the working went on
And hundreds of miners died in the mine
Before the rescue efforts had stopped
The government sent out the soldiers and cops
To confront grieving families who gathered and cried
To silence them like they'd silenced those in the mines
On came the angry with fire in their eyes
To the streets of Turkey to challenge the lies
Saying "don't sleep, Soma, remember your dead!"
And they fought with the cops in the miners' defense
In Asturias and Gafsa and the Virginias too
They know well the business that mine owners do
How politicians and bosses join hands
And miners are exploited again and again
It's a story repeated again and again
A massacre framed as an accident
They'll rob and they'll murder the ones in the mines
And what now will come of these terrible times?
Track Name: Раздели/Владеј
Дали симболот на знамето,
Е она што не прави различни.
Раздели па владеј,
Ситуација која се повторува.
Нација=формула за уништување.
Граница=формула за разединување.

Раздели / владеј !!!

Дали електоратот е нашата,
Единствена бунтовност.
Која не дели на лажни идеали и боја,
Сега сме модерни имаме демократија,
Порано се боревме за слобода, а сега за партија.
Is the symbol of the flag,
What makes us different.
Divide and conquer,
A situation that repeats.
Nation = Formula for destruction.
Border = Formula for disintegration.

Divide / Conquer!!!

Is the electorate our
only rebellion.
That divides us on false ideals and color,
Now we are modern, we have democracy,
Earlier we fought for freedom and now for a party.
Track Name: Драг Премиере
Драг премиере едно ќе ви кажам,
Нема за тебе јас да гласам,
Пробај да ме заплашиш, пробај да ме затвориш,
Сепак за тебе нема да гласам.

Вечна опозиција, моја дефиниција,
Не ве сакам вас ни вашата транзиција.
Левица/десница зад грбот наш работи,
Душата ја сквернави на сите работници.

Tајната полиција проба да ме најде,
Но некако им избегав.
А кога ќе ме најдат,јас едно ќе им кажам,
И после ко куче ќе бидам застрелан.

Затоа слободно пукајте,
Нема да бидам наоружен.
Слободно пукајте ,
Со овие акорди ви возвраќам.
Dear Prime Minister I’ll tell you one thing,
I’ll not vote for you,
Try to intimidate me, try to imprison me,
Albeit I’ll not vote for you.

Eternal opposition, my definition,
I don’t like you nor your transition.
Left / right works behind our back,
Desecrates the soul of all workers.

The secret police tried to find me,
But somehow I escaped.
And when they’ll catch me, I’ll tell them one thing,
And then like a dog I’ll be shot.

Therefore freely shoot,
I’ll not be armed.
Freely shoot,
With these chords I shoot back.
Track Name: Се Прашувам
Собата е празна во неа јас сум сам,
Заробен-изгубен во овој биполарен свет.
Не сакам да излезам, да осетам,ни да живеам,
Дали е јаве или сон понекогаш јас се прашувам.

Дали некогаш ќе подадеме рака,
И ќе помогнеме.
Дали некогаш ќе имаме трошка емпатија,
Ние кон другите.

Сакаме подобар свет,но дали за него ние се бориме,
Еволуцијата застана,назад во времето ние се вративме.
Заборавивме на она што се вика емпатија,
И понекогаш, јас себе си се прашувам.
The room is empty in it I'm alone,
Trapped-lost in this bipolar world.
I don’t want to get out, to feel, nor to live,
Is it reality or a dream sometimes I wonder.

Will we ever lay a hand,
And help.
Will we ever have a grain of empathy,
We toward the others.

We want a better world, but do we fight for it,
The evolution stopped, we turned back in time.
We forgot what it's called empathy,
And sometimes, I wonder.
Track Name: Ода за работникот
Мала плата-големи долгови,
Живот живеан на вересија.
Чесно работам, за чесно да живеам,
и да донесам храна на масата.
Бевме синови и ќерки на колективот,
Сега станавме деца на сонцето.
Тогаш имав на што да се надевам,
А сега стравувам да не гладувам.
Чесно работам,
За добро да живеам.
И не дозволувам,
Да ме прегази светот во кој јас живеам.
Трошна куќа и црни бели дробови,
Тешко е да работиш во фабрика.
Но не се жалам и јас не плачам,
Колку имам толку и давам.
Small salary – big debts,
Life lived in the red.
I work honesty, to live honestly,
and to bring food to the table.

We were the sons and daughters of the collective,
Now we’ve become children of the Sun.
Then I had on what to look forward,
Now I fear of starvation.

I work honesty,
To live good.
And I don’t allow,
To run me over the world I live in.

Crumbling house and black white lungs,
It is difficult to work in a factory.
But I don’t complain and I don’t cry,
I give as much as I have.